Thursday, February 24, 2011

First Post

Well I just wanna write a quick introduction to this blog. I'll be covering every aspect of Android within my posts on this blog, posting at least twice a day on different topics, unless i decide to do a follow up on a previous one. Android is growing as a market now and has shown great potential to be a large player in the smartphone market, it is also well supported by Google. Actually let me just get it out of the way now. Fragmentation of Android really can't be blamed on Google at all. For those of you who don't know what fragmentation is, it is basically the complaint that different phones are running all different versions of Android such as the Droid running 2.2 and the Nexus S running 2.3, causing complications for consumers in purchasing their phones and getting the most out of the ones that they have. Samsung especially has held back updates that had been pushed by Google months before and this has stopped their devices from upgrading from even 2.1. The manufacturers are placing their UI's over the AOSP which causes the delays in OTA upgrades. I would also like to help address this problem, so I will also be posting instructions and links to articles that can upgrade older Android phones easily. There will also be posts covering ROM's and rooting including links to ROMs for specific phones and instructions for them so check back for those. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at and I will be glad to check them out and email back or maybe make a post out of your problem.


  1. cool man! As an android user I'll come visit your blog pretty often. I hope they 'll remember that HTC Hero needs an upgrade as well

    Will support:

  2. Yeah I hate it when people complain about the different versions of Android. Especially since manufacturers will sometimes make their own adjustments to the os. following.

  3. Not just the different Android versions, there's too much variation in hardware, making it difficult for developers to have their software run on all makes and models. Hopefully this'll balance out over time.

    Looking forward to more posts anyways :)

  4. Nice. I've got a couple Android projects on my blog as well.

    Will stick around to see what information you bring to the table.